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Meta's CAPI may work for amateurs, but marketing agencies need powerful tools to meet client demands. See how Deviate Tracking compares to first party solutions and learn why our GTM based solution empowers you and your clients.
Common Events
Deviate Tracking DT
Meta Pixel for Wordpress Meta for WP
Facebook for Woocommerce FB for WC
Shopify for Facebook Shopify for FB
Page View, Initiate Checkout, Purchase View, Checkout, Purchase
Add to Cart, Product View Cart Add, Product View
Newsletter Sign Up, Contact Form Submit, Chat Message Optin, Contact, Chat
Some Plugins Only
Schedule a Calendar, Book Appointment, Start Free Trial Schedule, Book, Start Trial
Search for a Product, Customize a Product, Paginate Gallery Search, Customize, Load More
Video Played, Video Unmuted, Carousel Interaction Vid Played, Vid Unmute
Add to Wishlist, Price Alert, Restock Notification Wishlist, Alert, Restock
Payment Step, Abandoned Form, Abandoned Checkout Payment Step, Abandon Form, Abandon Cart
Popup Open, Popup Close, Map Interaction Popup State, Map Interaction
FBQ Events
Deviate Tracking DT
Meta Pixel for Wordpress Meta for WP
Facebook for Woocommerce FB for WC
Shopify for Facebook Shopify for FB
Contact, Lead Contact, Lead
Some Plugins Only
Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, Customize Product Cart, Wishlist, Customize
Purchase, Donate Purchase, Donate
Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info Checkout, Add Payment
Page View, View Content Page View, View Content
Schedule, Submit Application Schedule, Submit
Search, Find Location Search, Find Location
Subscribe, Start Trial Subscribe, Start Trial
Complete Registration Registration
Event Data
Deviate Tracking DT
Meta Pixel for Wordpress Meta for WP
Facebook for Woocommerce FB for WC
Shopify for Facebook Shopify for FB
Price Price
Email Email
Name Name
Address Address
Video Progress Video Progress
Coupon Code Coupon Code
Product Name Product Name
Variant Variant
Tracking Actions
Deviate Tracking DT
Meta Pixel for Wordpress Meta for WP
Facebook for Woocommerce FB for WC
Shopify for Facebook Shopify for FB
Button Click, Link Click Button, Link
Page View Page View
Scroll Depth Scroll Depth
Iframe Click Iframe Click
Page Exit Page Exit
Additional Parameter Support Extra Param
On Screen Element Change Element Change
Video Tracking Video
Tracking Terms Agree Terms Agree

How It Works

Deviate Tracking installs to any standard serverless GTM container, so you can manage all your conversion tracking in one place.
Step 1:
A user with an adblocker loads your site.
The first thing that most users block is the tracking code for Facebook (Meta), whether through iOS's ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) or another privacy-focused adblocker.
Step 2:
Deviate Tracking's GTM tag sends data to Deviate Tracking's server.
Our GTM tag takes your desired conversion information (such as emails, prices, or item names) and sends it to our server for processing, bypassing the need for Facebook's pixel code to execute on the user's browser.
Google Tag Manager
Step 3:
We send data directly to Facebook's server, no matter the platform.
Our server processes your data and sends it directly to Facebook, bypassing the standard Facebook (Meta) pixel code entirely. This conversion data can't be blocked by the end user, whether on Wordpress, Shopify, or Wix.
Optimize Your Meta Ads

Improve Your Facebook ROAS

Deviate Tracking helps you identify high-value prospects by giving insight into their behavior. With its fine-grained data options, Deviate Tracking makes it easy to create and segment lookalike audiences. Better audiences lead to better ads and better targeting, which leads to a better return on ad spend.

Advanced Facebook marketers need advanced tools, and CAPI native integrations are notoriously rigid. This is where Deviate Tracking shines. Our conversion tracking is higher granularity than any native CAPI solution, resulting in a 220% increase in events tracked.

Track 220% More Events With Deviate Tracking

Last received 14
minutes ago
Add to cart
Last received 2
hours ago
Initiate checkout
Last received 1
hour ago
Last received 1
hour ago

Total Events

Simple and Straightforward

Our pricing comes with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Start a free trial today and experience how painless and seamless tracking can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure?
Yes, absolutely. We hash your user data with SHA256 (Facebook’s standard for sensitive information), our server is hosted on Google Cloud, and we don’t keep long-term logs.
Any hidden fees?
No. Prices are as listed above. If your usage exceeds your subscription tier’s limits, excess events will be discarded. You will not be charged extra.
Can I use multiple pixels?
Yes. Check out the multipixel guide for more information.
Do I keep my existing pixel?
Yes. Deviate Tracking will automatically install a pixel of your choice for you. You can choose to keep your old pixel or start over with a fresh one.
Is it easy to update?
Deviate Tracking uses GTM's one-click update feature. Staying up to date has never been easier.
Where can I get support?
Couldn’t find your answer? Submit a ticket to get help from our technical support team. We pride ourselves on our rapid response time and will reach out to you as quickly as possible.

What Users Say About Deviate Tracking

You guys do a great job staying up to date with Facebook CAPI upgrades, saving us countless hours every week. We will stick with Deviate Tracking for all our clients.
Herb L
Lead Developer
Deviate Tracking was the easiest way to get CAPI working with multiple pixels. I couldn't use a native integration for that and Deviate Tracking saved me.
Melhem M
Director of Marketing
Our entire business relies on this stuff working, like many other businesses. Deviate Tracking has become an extremely valuable asset to our business and we appreciate all that you do.
Zach T
Head of Marketing
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