Solution in the Post-iOS 14 Era...

Deviate Tracking is a simple-to-use Google Tag Manager extension that empowers you to track users including iOS users in Facebook ads. No server needed and no coding required. And it starts at only only $9 a month.


Easy GTM to Facebook Conversion API

Get all the benefits of server side conversion data without having to go through the nerve-racking hassle of configuring and maintaining a server. Increase your conversions and lower your ad costs without any coding needed and no nerve-racking uncertainty on any website.

Feature Comparison

Partner Integration
Setup Time
5 minutes
10-15 minutes
10+ hours
Custom Event Data
Connects with GTM
Easy Updates
No server required
Unlimited Tag Creation
Exploring Deviate Tracking

Powerful Tracking Features

Deviate Tracking takes the stress out of Facebook tracking. It’s simple enough for everyday users and feature-rich enough for power users.


Simple Point & Click Google Tag Manager Integration

Every marketer knows how powerful Google Tag Manager (GTM) is when it comes to implementing tracking. Its flexibility and ease-of-use while allowing for compatibility and interfacing across various platforms are unparalleled.

Deviate Tracking leverages GTM and integrates with it seamlessly – affording users total control over their CAPI tracking right inside GTM while providing a “point and click” CAPI solution.



Seamless Server-less Facebook CAPI Experience

CAPI expects you to configure your own server, code the proper scripts, and maintain the ecosystem in order to get good tracking data. This requires more technical knowledge than most can handle.

With Deviate Tracking, we take care of the technical side of CAPI so you don’t ever have to worry about servers and coding; you can stay focused on your marketing and business.


Direct Connection With Facebook Business Manager & Pixel

Deviate Tracking protocol synchronizes with your Facebook business manager and Facebook pixel. Data is passed exactly as they are received by your website as they happen. There is no “middleman” delaying, manipulating, or truncating your valuable tracking data.

Your data stays unadulterated – as they should be – as they feed back into your Facebook campaigns.



Bypasses Apple’s iOS 14 Restrictions to Keep Your Tracking Intact

Deviate Tracking was designed with Apple’s iOS 14 in mind… iOS 14 made it nearly impossible to track Apple users with conventional means. We changed that. By taking over the server-side tracking, Deviate Tracking wrestles the power away from Apple and gives it back to business owners and marketers.


Compatible With Desktop & Mobile (Apple & Android)

Deviate Tracking works on all proper devices including both desktop and mobile. It works just as well on Android devices is it does on Apple. So you can rest assured that Deviate Tracing provides you maximum tracking coverage.



Advanced Tracking Options Otherwise Unavailable Via Partner Integration

Unlike the native partner integrations in Facebook that limits you to the type of events you are allowed to track, Deviate Tracking has no limits. You have full access to the Facebook’s entire repertoire of tracking capabilities. This allows you to craft powerful and in-depth conversion events designed to increase your marketing’s ROI.


We Make It Simple & Straightforward

Our pricing is simple and straightforward - just like our service. And you are covered by our no question asked 30-day money back guarantee. Start a 7-day trial today and experience how seamless and painless tracking can be.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our services and for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service we provide, within the 30 day period, you may request a refund no questions asked. Simply contact our customer support team at [email protected]

It's That Simple...

Frequently Asked Questions

Deviate Tracking takes the stress out of Facebook tracking. All you need is access to an active Google Tag Manager container and a Facebook Ads Manager.

How are Conversion API Events Different From “Regular” Browser Events?

The biggest difference is related to advanced matching, especially when the regular browser events are blocked, or when a user isn’t logged into Facebook and is blocking cookies. Traditionally, tracking is done using cookies, but when these types of things are blocked, you can use server side tracking (CAPI) to associate your fired events to match user data that your server has when cookies fail to track.

Valuable information your server may have to help identify users are as follows:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • City
  • State
  • Browser ID
  • Click ID
  • IP Address
  • User Agent

The most useful data keys are not always available. It is unlikely to know the name, email, phone, or address of a simple website visitor. This type of information is usually available for logged-in users that have previously interacted with your website. Deviate Tracking automatically takes care of sending universal user data keys, like the Browser ID, Click ID, IP Address and User-Agent while allowing for more custom user data to be defined within GTM.

Do I Need to Know Coding?

Nope! All you need to know is Google Tag Manager basics.

Does This Solve the IOS 14 Issue?

Yes it does. This will allow you to track conversions even if the browser blocks standard FBQ events.

What Do I Need to Use Your System?

Access to a suitable Google Tag Manager container and Facebook Events manager account.

How Many Events Can I Track?

The tool doesn’t limit you to the number of events you can install but you are limited by Facebook to 8 event types to align with their new aggregated events management. You can select which 8 events you want to prioritize in events manger if you send more than 8 types.

Is It Simple to Change the Events?

Yes, you can change them easily.

How Do I Know It's Working?

A simple way to test is turn on the Test Event ID check box in the tag, and then check inside events manager under diagnostics to see if your events are being received.

Do You Support Other Platforms Such as Google Ads and Google Analytics?

Not at this time but it is on our road map.

Do You Pre-Build Support Triggers or Variables?

Not yet but this is on our road map – stay tuned!

Do You Support CAPI Custom Property Types?

No but this is on our feature roadmap (we currently only support Custom Content Names), please stay tuned.

Do You Support Sending Both Browser and CAPI Events Simultaneously?

Not currently, we are working on a future version that will consolidate sending of data on the user’s browser side and and the GTM server side simultaneously. Stay tuned for more news concerning this!

What Happens If I Reach My Monthly Request Quota?

Your license becomes invalidated until the start of the next cycle. This is why it’s important to choose the right package to ensure your tracking is uninterrupted.

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