Choosing a Deviate Tracking Subscription Tier

The biggest difference between our three subscription tiers is the number of requests they come with. Requests (also known as API calls, API requests, or activations) are events that are sent to our server and then to Facebook. You will use up a request each time a tag fires on your website. It doesn’t matter what event caused the tag to fire, or how much data you send with the request. All requests are treated equally.

The Standard tier (500k requests/month) is intended for medium-scale websites that receive a lot of traffic. Some examples from our Professional clients (names omitted for privacy) include:

  • a high-end plumbing contractor
  • a popular online academy
  • an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur’s personal website

The Enterprise tier comes with 5M requests/month and was designed for the times when Professional just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’re running the landing page for a large web development firm, or a top-of-the-line contracting business. Maybe your site only gets Professional levels of traffic but every page is loaded with analytics. Whatever the case, the Enterprise tier has you covered —

— and if it doesn’t, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to design a custom package if it makes sense for your use case.

Estimating your request usage

With all this talk of requests, you might be wondering how many requests your website uses. Luckily, estimating your current usage is quite easy.

What you need:

  • A pixel that has been installed on your website for at least a week


  1. Log in to your Events Manager
  2. Select the relevant pixel
  3. Go to the Overview tab
  4. Set the time frame in the top-right corner. The best time frame is one month because it’s long enough to smooth out day-to-day variation.
  5. Scroll down to the Pixel/Conversions API section
  6. Count up the numbers in the Total Events column.
  7. Divide the total event count from step #6 by the time frame (in days) from step #4.
  8. Multiply by 30. This is the number of requests you would use in a month.