Facebook Graph API Test Events Update

Be Sure to Turn Off “Test Events” to Avoid the “Missing Deduplication” Issue

Recently, Facebook made some backend changes to the Graph API which impacts how they handle the flag for test events. When tests events are ‘on,’ this causes the “missing deduplication” issue inside Facebook Events Manager.

As such, it is vital moving forward that whenever you’re done testing events, that the “Send as a Test Event?” box is unchecked within Deviate Tracking tags in your GTM production environment (e.g. when you are done testing). 

And if you left this box checked in your environment, it may take 48 hours after unchecking these boxes for Facebook to stop reporting it as an error.

We encourage you to only use the Test Event flag when you are using GTM’s preview mode and ensure that these “Send as a Test Event?” checkboxes are off when when you publish their GTM containers.

Test Event Recommendations

We still recommend testing your tags to ensure that Facebook’s Events Manager is receiving data properly, just insure that you are using the Preview feature of tag manager, or if you enable it that you remember to disable it in your production environment when you are finished testing.

Please submit a ticket if you have any questions.

Happy tracking.

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