Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Membership

How do I add Domains?

You can purchase an Additional Domain subscription for each domain you want to use Deviate Tracking on. Log into your Deviate Tracking account and then visit our shop to make any additional purchases.

How do I cancel my subscription membership?

Please visit your account’s subscriptions page to modify or cancel an existing subscription.

How do I change my billing address?

Please log into the My Accounts area and visit the ‘Addresses’ section. Here you can update your billing address. Make sure you check the last box option to retroactively apply the billing address to all active subscriptions.

How do I change my password?

All account information, including email addresses and passwords, can be modified in the My Accounts area after sign up.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Please log into the My Accounts area. Then visit our shop page and purchase the subscription package you wish to upgrade to. Afterwards, visit your account’s subscriptions page and cancel the old subscription. Note that you will receive a new license so you’ll need to update GTM (we advise you to use a variable for the license key which makes this step a snap).

Where is my Deviate Tracking license key?

Your key is automatically generated and emailed to you when you finish your check out. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at [email protected]. If you lose the email please submit a key recovery request.

How do I view my subscription status?

All account information, including license keys and downloadable files can be accessed in the My Accounts area after sign up.

What is my initial password?

All account information, including email addresses and passwords, can be modified in the My Accounts area after sign up.

FAQ: Operations

Does this solve the IOS 14.5 Tracking issue?

Yes. You will be able to track events even if the browser blocks standard FBQ events. For an in depth explanation of how this works, check out
Demystifying Event Match Quality.

How many events can I track?

Deviate Tracking doesn’t limit the number or types of events you can track. However, you are still limited by Facebook to eight event types. This restriction was put in place as part of their aggregated event management system. If you are sending more than eight types, you can select which eight to prioritize in Events Manager
Does this solve the iOS 14.5 tracking issue?

Is it simple to change the events?

Yes. You can change the event type by going to the Facebook Standard Event Name selector in the tag.
What happens if I reach my monthly request limit?

What happens if I reach my monthly request limit?

The Deviate Tracking API will reject your requests until your subscription renews at the start of the next cycle. You will not be charged extra under any circumstances and our system will send notification emails as you get close to reaching your limit. It is important to choose the right subscription package to make sure that your tracking is uninterrupted.

Do I need to install a separate Facebook pixel?

No, Deviate Tracking will automatically install a pixel for you. See the quickstart guide for more information.

Why don't I see my Facebook pixel in the Facebook Pixel Helper?

Check to make sure that there is only one pixel on the page, and that Deviate Tracking is initializing it with a PageView (Facebook Pixel) event.

Does Deviate Tracking support more than one simultaneous Facebook pixel?

Yes, this feature was added in v5.2.0. See the multipixel guide for more information.


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