2024 May 1st

We are anticipating changes with iOS 18 and will be testing compatibility for Deviate Tracking when the betas release at WWDC this year.

2024 March 23rd

Following the release of iOS version 17.4.1, we carried out thorough testing and made necessary updates to ensure full compatibility.

2024 March 7th

We are thrilled to announce our systems are fully compatible with iOS 17.4.

2024 February 10th

Our systems have been successfully tested and updated for compatibility with iOS version 17.3.1.

2024 January 24th

We have successfully completed our tests for the iOS Version 17.3 and we are happy to report full compatibility.

2023 December 13th

Following the release of iOS version 17.2, we are pleased to announce that our systems have been tested and updated for compatibility.

2023 December 1st

We have successfully tested and updated our systems for compatibility with iOS version 17.1.2.

2023 November 9th

Today we conducted successful testing for iOS version 17.1.1. Our systems are now updated and fully compatible with the latest version. We encourage our users to keep their tag updated for optimized performance.

2023 October 12th

Today we released a new Deviate Tracking API Version 7, this update is automatic and will not require anything from the user, however please make sure your GTM Tag Template is up to date.

2023 September 26th

Updated tag template to improve performance and reliability, and to ensure compatibility the latest Facebook CAPI and full compatibility iOS 17. Learn how iOS 17 affects your tracking.

2023 February 2nd

Updated backend to fix compatibility issue with the latest Facebook CAPI and iOS 16.3.

2022 December 7th (GTM Build 6f153)

Removed output data from console log by default.

2022 November 15th

Fixed a display bug in some usage notification emails.

2022 October 13th - Version 6.0.2

Updated Deviate Tracking compatibility for potential issues related to client-side AddToCart standard events.

2022 February 3rd - Version 6.0.0 (GTM Build 760b3)

Apple released an iOS update (15.3) and with it came changes that added another layer of challenges for CAPI solutions. We have since updated Deviate Tracking (version 6.0.0) in accordance with these changes such that our backend infrastructure is compatible with iOS 15.3. Included in this update are additional header and certificate optimizations that greatly expand our site compatibility.

2021 November 4th - Version 5.3.1 (GTM Build 760b3)

  • Workaround for the undefined checkbox GTM bug
  • Improvements to in-tag instructions
  • API stability/futureproofing updates
  • Two new advanced features: debug mode and test mode

Would you like to know more? Update your template and check out the full patch article to learn how to take advantage of Deviate Tracking’s latest features.

2021 August 31st - Release Version 21e41 - Multi-Facebook-Pixels Support

Deviate Tracking build 21e41 was released and it is available in the Google Tag Manager gallery. This update is an advanced feature patch introducing the ability to use Deviate Tracking alongside native integrations – in essence allowing support for the use of multiple Facebook pixel IDs.

If you are not using more than one Facebook pixel, you do not need to change anything. However, if you are using two pixels, you should:

  1. Update your Deviate Tracking Google Tag Manager Template to the latest version (read how-to here)
  2. Read this guide, stored in our knowledgebase, to learn how to use the multipixel support feature (please note that this feature is intended for advanced users)

Another enhancement of note is the improvement of FBC cookie deliverability and the reduction of request rejections that stemmed from users accidentally sending numbers instead of strings.

2021 August 5th - Backend Update - Quota % Emails

This update updates our subscription infrastructure for added security. Furthermore, it adds a feature which alerts our subscribers when they reach 60%, 80%, 95%, and 100% of their quota usage. Our platform will send out emails via [email protected] informing of their usage to help them prevent running out of quotas. This will help them keep their tracking well… on track!

So be sure to whitelist [email protected]

2021 July 29th - Release Version eb8f1 - Send IP Address as an Option

We released version eb8f1 which adds the option for you to send IP address. Sending IP address is preferred as it allows for better matching. However, some regions do not allow it (and will throw up an error telling you as such). So depending on your region, you may or may not want to turn this option on.

You can find this option inside the GTM Deviate Tracking tag within the “User Data Parameters” section.

Deviate Tracking GTM Tag: Send IP Address Option

To update Deviate Tracking template to release version eb8f1, follow the instructions here).

2021 July 27th - Release Version 5d8ba - Deviate Tracking Optimization & Facebook Hiccups

Big update today! Before we jump into describing what the updates entail, make sure you update your Deviate Tracking template to release version 5d8ba (instructions here).

We’ve been busy the past month and frankly so has Facebook! As can be expected, Facebook is still figuring this out as they go which inevitably means them breaking some things along the way. Unfortunately, this means making our lives difficult – we’ve had to stay on our toes (and still are) to keep Deviate Tracking running smoothly and ensuring your conversion events are being processed properly.

Some items that we’ve improved on include:

  • Processing time: what used to take ~500 – 600ms now happens near instantaneously. This helps resolve potential issues with trigger types that occur right before a new page is loaded.
  • Regional compatibility: some regions do not allow client IP addresses being sent as a user data parameter; as such, our system is structured to generate a unique id per user so users in countries with more strenuous privacy laws won’t have any violation errors associated with IP addresses.
  • Reliability: the smallest details matter… in this case, we’ve added some additional processing to account for if your user’s regional clock is set incorrectly (as in the case of some users for some odd reason). Now, Deviate Tracking prevents issues for some users with “a time stamp set too far in the future” which occurs when a user’s system clock isn’t set correctly.
  • EventId processing: we overhauled our EventId generation process to ensure that each paired event sent is unique. Previously there were limitations of Google Tag Manager that only allowed for a single EventDd per trigger event. Now each and every firing of the tag will have a unique EventId, improving CAPI efficacy and efficiency.
  • Adaptability: our new Streamlined framework we created in our overhaul process we’ve made components easier to update which means keeping up to date with any revisions on facebook’s API changes will be much faster than before!
  • Convenience: we added additional variable support to Deviate Tracking’s GTM fields to help save time when you have a lot of tags.
  • Facebook compatibility despite their incessant (and unannounced) CAPI changes and updates…: Facebook’s have been making changes to their data intake parameters without any notice (and sometimes with delayed and unclear documentation). One of the recent ones we had to adapt for is changes to how they were formatting data as part of their data intake parameters. We are constantly monitoring and adapting to Facebook’s changes so you don’t have to worry about it.

We have more changes coming your way including adding request quota notifications (so you can get a sense for your quota usage and make sure you never run out), stay tuned!

2021 June 29th - Deviate Tracking Enterprise Levels

There have been requests for enterprise level subscriptions (allowing for more than 15,000 requests per month). After updating our infrastructure, we are now finally ready to handle the demands of enterprise level plans. Not only are we releasing two new plans, one is designed to handle up to 500,000 requests per month and the other up to 5,000,000 per month, we are also upping our request limit for the basic plan from 15,000 to 50,000.

2021 June 25th - Deviate Tracking Server Redesign

We redesigned and are implementing a brand new server configuration as a response to Facebook slowing down their event processing and response time by 100~1,000x for some reason. This is needed in order to compensate for their increased delay and will help facilitate continued processing.

This means drastic improvement in performance (improved response time, increased request bandwidth, and better browser and server-side matching) for better tracking. The added bonus is this new server architecture unlocks the ability for Deviate Tracking to handle enterprise-level CAPI requests.

2021 June 18th - Deviate Tracking Google Tag Manager Template Gallery Release Version 44c2c

This update includes performance optimizations, bug fixes, as well as some updated field menus and tooltips. And most importantly it will now handle the FBQ JavaScript browser side event. You no longer need to deduplicate EventIDs as the plugin will handle this automatically.

To take advantage of this update (and to keep Deviate Tracking functioning), be sure to update your Deviate Tracking Google Tag Manager build to the latest version (44c2c).