How to Get an Estimate for How Many Requests You May Need

Assuming you’ve had your Facebook Pixel installed already on your website, you can use Facebook Events Manager to get an estimate of how many requests your website may need.

Log into your Facebook Business Manager Events Manager and select the pixel that’s of interest. Remember, for this method to be of use, you must have had the pixel installed on your website properly (so that it’s had time to collect data).

In the “Overview” and “Pixel/Conversions API” tab, you should see a table of Events with the final column being “Total Events.” Make sure you have the time-frame set properly and you can tally up the total number of events over that timespan.

Counting Facebook requests
Counting Facebook requests

You can extrapolate this tally over a month to give you a rough estimate for how many requests you may need a month. Don’t forget that you may need to account for any variability in your traffic such as launching a new campaign, seasonality, etc. and let this guide you in determining what Deviate Tracking package is best suited for your needs.