Deviate Tracking
Affiliate Program

Earn 35% monthly recurring commission on every Deviate Tracking paying membership you refer for the lifetime of that active membership.

Earn by Referring Deviate Tracking Customers

Promote Deviate Tracking as a CAPI solution and for each successful payment we receive from paying active customers you refer, we’ll give you 35% commission.

Affiliate Program Details

Long affiliate

Get credit for all Deviate Tracking referrals made within 60 days.

Lifetime recurring

Get paid for the lifetime duration of your referred paying membership

Payout once a

Get paid once a month on all eligible referral commissions

Interested in Becoming an Affiliate?

Join the Deviate Tracking affiliate program in 2 simple steps.

Step 1

Click the button below to fill out an application and apply to the Deviate Tracking affiliate program.

Step 2

We’ll review your application and notify you when you’re approved.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What products can I refer through the Deviate Tracking affiliate program?

Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn commissions for referring new customers who purchase a Deviate Tracking Standard or Enterprise plan. Both plans can be tracked through the same affiliate link, making it even easier to earn commissions from your promotions!

Where can I place my affiliate links?

This is up to you as long as you abide by our affiliate terms and conditions that set some standard regulations such as “don’t spam,” etc.

How are my sales tracked?

Sales are tracked when a customer clicks through your affiliate link and completes a purchase. When a link is clicked, it places a cookie on the browser and will track any sale that takes place within 60 days. If the customer successfully signs up with your affiliate link, your account will be credited with the referral commission. For the privacy of our customers, the account name is not shown to protect any customer’s personal identifiable information.

Note: There are factors beyond our control that can impact affiliate link tracking. The most common one being cookie and ad blocker extensions installed in web browsers.

Can I purchase via my own affiliate link?

Purchasing a Deviate Tracking product for your own use is strictly prohibited and affiliate commission will be voided – we have a strict policy against self-submitted referrals.

My sale didn’t track properly, can I still get credit?

There are a few reasons why a sale may not track correctly. Whether it is due to caching, a cookie not firing or your link being used incorrectly, our affiliate team can investigate the issue for you. In order to claim credit for a missing referral, you must notify us within 30 days of the purchase date and will be required to provide certain information to verify the account details. You can email us to claim missed referrals.

What is the affiliate account approval process?

After your application has been submitted, our team will manually review your application and approve accordingly. We aim for a turnaround time of 24-72 business hours.

Is direct linking permitted?

Direct linking is expressly forbidden in our program. Any affiliates found to be direct linking will have any pending commissions voided and be removed from the program.

I have a different question, who do I contact?

You can always reach out to affiliate support by emailing us at

What is the payout process?

Payout takes place once a month after a manual review of your commissions. We will credit non-self-submitted referrals and all successful referred purchases that have passed the eligible refund period (please refer to Deviate Tracking’s refund policy for details).